Match Up Flooring, Countertop & Kitchen Cabinets


Who doesn’t want their kitchen to impress all their guests? People buy expensive furniture for this purpose and splurge money on decorative items. But very often, what determines the aesthetic appeal of your house are not the pieces of furniture but an appropriate match up among constituting elements.

Among the different parts of the house, kitchens have become increasingly important. Far from being just places for cooking, they are often the meeting places, the hangout joint as well as the hub of family conversations. As a result, they are now being designed according to various themes and patterns. In fact, kitchens are being designed with the same level of dedication that earlier was reserved for the living room.

The job of transforming a kitchen into one that will take the breath away from every visitor requires specialists and dedication. While your own style preferences and your own tastes will determine the course of refurbishing the kitchen, the guidance of an expert is much needed to get those nuances right which would ensure perfection.

Trust our insight and our expertise as we do what we have done for the last many years – give our customers a kitchen set up that would draw you towards it and one which you would love to spend time in. Let’s explore the ways in which we strive to turn your kitchen into a veritable showpiece of the house.

The General Theme of Your Kitchen:


The style statement a kitchen makes depends on the preferences and tastes of the owner. While the designers can make suggestions of their own, in the end, it would be the aesthetic sensibilities of the owner that would prevail.

Let’s explore some stylistic themes which are very popular these days:

  • Old-world Charm

Whether you are a senior citizen more comfortable with old ways or a youngster wanting a retro feel, creating a kitchen around an old-world feel is not a bad option. Use of wooden furniture and sober shades coupled with a few antique items would give the retro feel.

  • Modern

A modern set up would entail lots of space for guests and for gadgets also. A modern look is also considered brighter so vibrant colors like red and pink would become more apparent as against the sober colors associated with the old kitchens.

  • Rustic

Those who feel simplicity is the greatest virtue can opt for kitchens which are basic but not lacking in comforts. The rustic elements can come from metal objects and wooden furniture. The tones should also be more naturalistic to maintain the simplicity of the look.

  • Coastal

This is another very popular style theme for kitchens. A coastal vibe can be generated by having shades of blue, green and white. Another requirement is the presence of sunlight and windows as a packed room doesn’t resonate with the feel of being on the coast.

These are just some of the styles in vogue. When it comes to designing your kitchen, you can give a free rein to your imagination and by discussing it with your designer, you can turn your kitchen into the most comforting, relaxing as well as stylish part of your house.


The color scheme you intend for your kitchen often depends upon your personality. People who prefer sobriety might go for darker shades while those who love the party may opt for a riot of bright colors.

When deciding which color to pick for your kitchen, you have to take each of the three main elements: cabinet, floor, and countertops. Let’s explore the different color themes for each of them separately.

  • Cabinets

White is, possibly, the most widely used color for kitchen cabinets, there are many other shades that can be used to brighten up your kitchen. To begin with, you need to make a choice about whether you want lighter colors or brighter hues.

Cabinets usually feature a pair of colors. As expected, white combines brilliantly with colors like green and blue but could also provide an eye-catching contrast with darker shades. If you opt for brighter tones, you can be adventurous by combining colors like red and yellow or red and black. Again, it’s up to your choice and preferences to decide which combination to go for.

  • Flooring

Howsoever insignificant it may appear, the floor of a room sets the tone for the entire place. So, you have to be very careful in choosing the right colors and tones for it. Usually, dark colors are not considered ideal for floors. Among the lighter tones, the combination of gray and blue, green and blue or similar shades is a good option. If you have chosen the colors for cabinet already, then try and pair your floor color with it.

  • Countertops

The color scheme for countertops should follow similar lines as those for cabinets. But since countertops also include elements like stoves and basins, you must choose colors that go along with the metallic hues of these objects. Colors which are lively but not too bright are often preferred for it.


Since Kitchens have become the centerpiece of houses, so the lighting there can also not be meant only for its basic use. It too has to add to the style quotient of the area. Lights don’t just illuminate a place but also help in creating the sort of atmosphere you want. On top of that, some lights are only for decorative purposes.

Lighting can also incorporate art as well as other elements of design. They can be used to create an ambient effect as well. Bright lights can accentuate the colors of the kitchen while slightly dim lights can create a lounge-like effect. You can also experiment with different shapes as well and illuminate certain special objects to make them the center of attention.


While deciding which materials to choose for your kitchen, keep in mind not just their aesthetic value but also their durability. Marble is one of the most preferred materials in the kitchen and is pleasing to the eye. But another great advantage of it is the fact that it cleans up easily.

Materials also play a part in reinforcing the style that you have chosen for your kitchen. A wooden floor assists the retro look while metals provide a rustic edge to the whole setup.

So, the three main elements to keep in mind while choosing the materials is style, maintenance, and durability.


In all your efforts to make your kitchen a stunner, do not forget to keep it a convenient place as well. This requires you to make sure that all the basic elements of the kitchen are easily accessible and usable. The cabinet should have drawers which can be easily pulled and closed, countertops which provide ample space for all the gadgets and equipment. The floor should also not be slippery and easy to clean.

These and other considerations need to be given due weight for the kitchen to remain not just beautiful but also comforting.

Several Examples to match up Flooring, Countertop & Kitchen Cabinets

Black & White (Contrast)

Contrast is one of the most impressive color schemes that you can opt for. It is suitable for modern style kitchens but can also be utilized for those with a classical style. The most common contrast combination is black and white. By having a black background and using white objects or vice versa, you can make things stand out prominently and imbue them with a grace that is unparalleled.


Gold is one of the most attractive shades and when you pair it with darker elements in your kitchen, it is bound to reach another level of visual appeal. Shades like espresso tend to perform better than black simply because they complement the metallic touch of gold far better than out and out of darkness.


Shades of gray go from light to dark and hence can be used along with a wide variety of colors. In fact, gray is one shade that works equally well with both white and black. It’s also the color most associated with classic styles.

Light Color

Lighter textures can be used both to give a brightness to your kitchen or for a contrasting effect alongside black components. Among light shades, you can opt for a warm effect with yellow or cream or a cool one through gray or bright white. The options in this variety are endless.

Other creative examples

What is stated above fall within the traditional categories, but if you are someone with an adventurous spirit and seek to be ingenious, then let your imagination fly and opt for less thought-of shades. Whether it’s red or blue or other lesser-known derivatives, if they appeal to you and provide the feel you desire, you must not shy away from them.


When you move into a new house, you don’t just want comfort, but also style and elegance. Being the most important part of your house, your kitchen deserves all the attention it can get. So, don’t skimp on giving it proper attention.

Use the expertise and knowledge of our experts to bring your own ideas and visions into reality. We would ensure that you would live in a house that brings joy to you every morning when you wake up there.

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